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涵萃神经酰胺高倍保湿水 Hamnciee Ceramide Enrich Moisturizing Toner

涵萃乳糖酸细致嫩肤水 Hamnciee Lactobionic Acid Enrich Moisturizing Toner

优肌源冻干粉套盒 Youjiyuan Freeze-dried Powder Set

优肌源美丽新肌舒缓修护精华 Youjiyuan Beautiful Capture Youth Soothing Repair Serum

RM 88.00Add to CartRM 88.00Add to CartRM 1,680.00Add to CartRM 168.00Add to Cart

优肌源美丽新肌焕彩光泽精华液 Youjiyuan Beautiful Capture Youth Brightening Serum

优肌源美丽新肌提拉紧致精华液 Youjiyuan Beautiful Capture Youth Lifting Firming Serum

优肌源二裂酵母嫩肤套 Youjiyuan Difission Yeast Essence Set

阿斯道尔花漾倾城·修护香水洗发乳 Ansdole Flower Repair Perfume Shampoo

RM 168.00Add to CartRM 168.00Add to CartRM 1,280.00Add to CartRM 98.00Add to Cart

阿斯道尔甜蜜邂逅·柔顺香水洗发乳 Ansdole Sweet Smooth Perfume Shampoo

阿斯道尔微醺一梦·控油香水洗发乳 Ansdole Dream Smooth Perfume Shampoo

涵萃蜂王浆熬夜焕采面膜 Hamnciee Bee Milk Overnight Facial Mask

修格丽黄金琉光泡泡面膜 Xvohgoleyf Brightening Clear Bubble Mask

RM 98.00Add to CartRM 98.00Add to CartRM 118.00Add to CartRM 118.00Add to Cart

修格丽焕亮净透泡泡面膜 Xvohgoleyf Brightening Clear Bubble Mask

优肌源烟酰胺亮颜次抛面膜 Youjiyuan Nicotinamide Brightening One Time Mask

优肌源·MAP-X盈肌安肤修护套 Youjiyuan MAP-X Skin Repair Set

修格丽依克多因肌底修护原液 Xvohgoleyf Ictoine Skin Repair Serum

RM 118.00Add to CartRM 118.00Add to CartRM 1,680.00Add to CartRM 168.00Add to Cart

优肌源肌肽密集修护凝萃霜 Youjiyuan Carnosine Intensive Repair Condensate Cream

优肌源黄金水光软面膜 Youjiyuan Golden Water Booster Soft Mask

优肌源玻尿酸双重补水安瓶精华面膜组合 Youjiyuan Double Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Mask Set

优肌源寡肽双重修护安瓶精华面膜组合 Youjiyuan Double Repair Oligopeptide Ampoule Mask Set

RM 168.00Add to CartRM 148.00Add to CartRM 168.00Add to CartRM 168.00Add to Cart

优肌源VC双重亮肤安瓶精华面膜组合 Youjiyuan Double Brightening Vitamin C Ampoule Mask Set

优肌源红石榴多效洁肤液 Youjiyuan Red Pomegranate Mutli-action Cleansing

雨贝尔盛夏冰爽礼盒 Ubler Summer Chilly Gift Box

Beautifield菁纯柔光口红套盒 Beautifield Pure Soft Lipstick Set

RM 168.00Add to CartRM 68.00Add to CartRM 160.00Add to CartRM 298.00Add to Cart
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To open up markets with innovation and providing all-round “one-stop service” for customers. From the brand culture concept, market survey planning, product design and development, product advertising image, product packaging form, product inspection, product distribution operation, product training.

Tailored to customers for exclusive programs, marketing programs, creative processing, sample processing and other integrated services. Each session sends professional IPQC staff to carry out quality standards prosecution to ensure high standards for raw materials, packaging and production processes.

Headquarters   Contact Us
4, Jalan Persiaran Maju Cemerlang,
Taman Perindustrian Maju Cemerlang,
81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia.
  General Enquiries:

Office: +607 859 0234
Tel: +6019 525 2666
  Operation Hours

Mon - Fri (Except Public Holiday)
9.30am - 6.30pm
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